Hirotaka Sugawara was born March 15, 1938 in Miyagi Prefecture. He and his wife, Ikuko Sugawara, have one child.

Hirotaka Sugawara received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1961, his Master of Science degree in 1963, and his Ph.D. in 1966 from The University of Tokyo.

Following his five year term as a Research Associate at Cornell University (1966), The University of California, Berkeley (1966-67), The University of Chicago (1967-68) and Tokyo University of Education (1968-71), he then became an Associate Professor at the Institute of Nuclear Study, The University of Tokyo (1971-75). From 1975-89, Hirotaka Sugawara was a professor at the National Laboratory for High Energy Physics. Since 1989, he has been the Director General of the National Laboratory for High Energy Physics.

Hirotaka Sugawara has received prestigious awards, such as the 17th Nishina Memorial Prize (1971) and the 36th Toray Science and Technology Prize (1996). In addition to being a member of the Physical Society of Japan, Hirotaka Sugawara has also published the following:

1. Application of Current Commutation Rules to Nonleptonic Decay of Hyperons, Phys. Rev. Letters 15,997 (E) (1965) 870.

2. A Field Theory of Currents, Phys. Rev. 170 (1968) 1659.

3. Extended Model of Elementary Particles Based on Analogy with Superconductivity, Phys. Rev. D10 (1974) 4257.

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