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Possible Supports for Japan-US Research Collaboration

Following information are only the programs featuring international collaboration between Japan and the U.S. and Canada. To see all the JSPS programs, please visit the website of JSPS headquarters.
And following deadlines are for the head of host/ nominating institution to submit application to JSPS Headquarters/ counterpart organization; the time frames for applicants (host researchers) to submit their applications are normally earlier.

1. Advancing International Joint Research

1-1. Bilateral Programs; B. Open Partnership Joint Projects/Seminars (二国間交流事業:共同研究・セミナー: B.オープンパートナーシップ枠)

Funding for joint research and seminars carried out between researchers from Japan and other countries.

Joint Research Project Joint Seminar
Application period …Call for Program
Term Up to 2 years
*Start date must be during the period of 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017
Up to 1 week
*Seminars must be held during the period of 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017
Support Up to JPY 2.5M per fiscal year
(Up to JPY 5.0M in total)
Up to JPY 2.5M

1-2. Bilateral Programs: Researcher Exchange Program (二国間交流事業:研究者交流(派遣・受入))

Support for Japanese/foreign researchers, who to visit and engage in research/discussions with colleagues in each other countries.
*Applicants must hold a full‐time or equivalent position as a researcher at a university or research institute in Japan that is eligible to receive Grants‐in‐Aid for Scientific Research ‐ KAKENHI. However, there are cases when a researcher not employed in a full time position may be eligible.

Counterpart organization Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
Application Period (for Japanese applicants wish to visit Canada) …Call for Program (English) / (Japanese)

1-3. G8 Research Councils Initiative(多国間国際研究協力事業)

Support is provided for multilateral collaborations among the seven countries of Japan, Germany, France, the UK, the US, Canada and Russia carried out for the purpose of advancing cross-disciplinary research on global issues rooted in the researchers’ own free ideas.

US Counterpart organization National Science Foundation (NSF)
Application Period (Preliminary Proposal) Around July (closed )
(Full Proposal) Around December (closed )
Term 2 – 3 years
Support Up to 15 million per year

2. Supporting the Establishment of Research and Education Hubs

Core-to-Core Program: Advanced Research Networks (研究拠点形成事業: 先端拠点形成型)

Support for joint research, seminars and other activities carried out in collaboration with research institutions around the world for the purpose of building research-collaboration hubs of a high world standard in fields of special
importance .

Application Period Friday, September 4 to Tueday, October 6, 2015
(Please note that applicants’ affiliated institutions may set earlier deadlines.)
…Program Outline for FY2016
Term Up to 5 years
Support Up to JPY 18 million per year

3. Supporting International Exchange for Training Japanese Young Researchers

3-1. Strategic Young Researcher Overseas Visits Program for Accelerating Brain Circulation (頭脳循環を加速する戦略的国際研究ネットワーク推進プログラム)

Support provided for dispatching young researchers engaged in international joint research overseas for up to one year in order to develop them into highly competent researchers who will form the nucleus of international research networks; and through their circulation, advance scientific research in Japan.

Application Period Feb – May
Term 1 – 3 years
Support JPY 30 million per year/ per project

3-2. Japanese-American Frontiers of Science (JAFoS) Symposiums (日米先端科学(FoS)シンポジウム事業)

Support for young Japanese researchers to participate in FoS symposiums, where they lodge together and hold cross-disciplinary discussions on leading edge scientific topics with peers from counterpart countries.

US Counterpart organization National Academy of Sciences (NAS)
Application Period March
*Please note that JAFoS Symposium is held biennialy and our call is for researchers affiliated with institutions in Japan.
Term 3 days
Support Roundtrip international airfare, domestic travel, food/lodging

3-3. Postdoctoral Fellowship for Reseasrch Abroad(海外特別研究員)

Fellowship for excellent young Japanese researchers to focus for a long period on their studies/research at overseas universities/ research institutions

3-4. Postdoctoral Fellowships for Japanese Biomedical and Behavioral Researchers at NIH (JSPS-NIH海外特別研究員)

Fellowship for excellent young Japanese researchers to focus for a long period on their studies/research at NIH

4. Inviting Overseas Researchers to Japan

4-1. JSPS Summer Program: NSF East Asia and Pasific Summer Institutes (EAPSI)(JSPSサマープログラム)

Young pre- and postdoctoral researchers from the US, the UK, France, Germany and Canada are invited to Japan for two months during the summer to participate in joint research at Japanese host institutions.

4-2. Postdoctoral Fellowships for Foreign Researchers (外国人特別研究員(欧米短期・一般))

Fellowships to invite excellent overseas researchers to Japanese universities/institutes to conduct joint research under guidance of Japanese hosts.

4-3. Invitation Fellowships for Research in Japan (外国人招へい研究者(長期・短期・短期S))

Fellowships to invite excellent overseas researchers to Japan to do joint research, give lectures, hold discussions, etc.. ‘Short Term S’ is designed to invite researchers with distinguished records of achievement to Japan to offer expert guidance and advice.

4-4. BRIDGE Fellowship Program (外国人研究者再招へい事業)

Directed to the members of JSPS’s alumni community, this program provides opportunities for former JSPS fellows to revisit Japan for the purpose of creating, sustaining or strengthening collaborative relations with Japanese colleagues.

JSPS Tokyo

JSPS Tokyo

US JSPS Fellow Alumni Association

US JSPS Fellow Alumni Association



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