JSPS Washington Office participated in ICHL23 (The 23rd International Conference on Historical Linguistics) held on July 31-August 4 in San Antonio, Texas. ICHL23 is the 23rd annual academic conference of International Society for Historical Linguistics (ISHL) for promoting study of historical linguistics. This conference was organized by Dr. Bridget Drinka, the president of ISHL, who is a former fellow of JSPS Invitational Fellowships. The conference invited close to 300 speakers from all over the world for many plenary lectures, workshops, panels and other sessions. All participants engaged in lively debates about historical linguistics throughout the conference.


JSPS WO implemented PR activity on building scientific collaboration between Overseas and Japanese researchers. We introduced our JSPS international fellowship programs for research in Japan to the researchers who participated in the conference. Many attendees visited our PR booth and were interested in fellowship programs.